How to get involved with flyering:
Get in touch with us
Send us an email so we can coordinate dropping off flyers and info to you.

Flyering process:
Pick a spot
We have a list of suggestions, but we also trust your judgement. Places where you are going to interface with many people quickly are ideal (grocery stores, parks, busy buildings, bus stops etc.)

Greet people, share flyers, gather contact information
Say hi to people and offer them flyers.
Engage with those who respond with warmth.
If useful, try some of the suggestions from this list when answering questions or in conversation.
Gather the contact information of those who are interested in event/issue.

Text us the contact info you gathered
At the end of your flyering session, send us a picture of the contact sheet.

Flyering for only 30 minutes can be enough time to spread the word to lots of people! We need your help with this – many small contributions of time add up!



Suggestions for Flyering
People may ask you for more background/details about the event. Engaging in conversation with them can be a good way to help spread the word. Do you have trouble thinking on the fly? Here are a few things to keep in mind:
– The prisoner strike (work stoppages, hunger strikes, boycotts of commissary, etc) will take place from Aug 21 to September 9 in commemoration of Black August and the Attica uprising.
– Prisoners are demanding decent conditions, voting access, rehabilitation/educational opportunities, and an end to slavery. We are standing with them because they need to know they are not alone in these basic demands.
– Prisoners are fighting against mass incarceration, against a world in which national borders and publicly-funded cages are wielded against people of color, immigrants, the poor, disabled people, queer and trans homies, and anyone else who doesn’t fit into the “all-American” ideal. We are standing with them because we believe in EVERYONE, not just able-bodied, middle-class, cis-het white dudes.
– Prisoner-led resistance to state violence is nothing new! It’s been around ever since the modern prison was invented about 150 years ago. But there seems to be a recent surge in prisoner activism, probably in part because of the ridiculously high rate of confinement in the US and in part because funding has been slashed across the board for any so-called “unnecessaries” like education, timely healthcare, or rat-shit-and-maggot-free oatmeal.
– On the outside, a public march does at least two important things: 1) It helps educate the public about the violence of incarceration, and 2) It shows prisoners that we are paying attention and care about their struggle.
– We’ll be marching around for the first part of the event, about 1 mile. If people aren’t able to march, they can join us at the second meet-spot on the flier. We will be punctual.
– Any personal experience, thoughts, or inspiration are great! We are not a cult and you do not have to see things in the exact same way we do for us to work together. If you want to flier for a public march, you clearly have a passion that comes from “somewhere.” Talk with others about that “somewhere”! Why is this important to you? What are you hoping for out of this?


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