Michigan Abolition and Prisoner Solidarity (MAPS) is a group of abolitionists organizing in solidarity with the imprisoned against the violence of incarceration. We’re joining a nationwide fight to end the prison and police systems that pose a constant threat to our communities.

We formed in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 Kinross rebellion in order to do anti-repression and media work. The 2016 riot at Kinross was one of the largest prisoner protests and uprisings in Michigan in decades. MAPS was born through the process of organizing together with the Kinross rebels against the MDOC. Since then we have expanded our organizing efforts into other areas.

The following are examples of our approach:

  • connect prisoners engaged in collective struggle with press contacts to get prisoner-centered narratives in the media
  • facilitate the publication of a quarterly political analysis newsletter featuring the writings of Michigan prisoners
  • create original media and host educational events to promote an abolitionist narrative within broader society
  • coordinate anti-repression work to bring public attention to the abusive violence of the state
  • organize public demonstrations in solidarity with prisoner-led movements.