Jailhouse Lawyers Speak

JWS is a nationwide network of incarcerated jailhouse lawyers and associates engaging in collective struggle against the violence of incarceration.

Rustbelt Abolition Radio

RAR produces a monthly web-based radio show featuring the voices of incarcerated folks and abolitionists in all sectors of society. We’ve collaborated on a few episodes and public events.


Perilous chronicles prisoner unrest and struggle in the US and Canada.

Critical Resistance

CR features abolition-centered news and educational media for a world without prisons, a formative source for many of us at MAPS.

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

IWOC is a major organizing hub for prisoner-led struggle with more ways to stay connected to nationwide movements.

Black and Pink

Black and Pink is an abolitionist network of support for imprisoned LGBTQ folks with educational materials and ways to connect with a pen pal.