Prison abolition requires us to learn new ways of thinking about justice and state institutions. Whether you’re learning on your own or starting a study group with others, we recommend the following resources:

MAPS coordinates and publish a quarterly newsletter, The Opening Statement, featuring the political and social analysis of prisoners in Michigan. After reading the original content, we encourage folks to reach out to the writers and engage in a pen pal relationship. See our pen pal page for more information on corresponding with prisoners.

Critical Resistance offers a growing list of resources for people interested in learning about and implementing abolitionist and transformative practices.

“Prison Abolition Syllabus” is an intensive 14-week curriculum published on the blog Black Perspectives. 

Containing the Crisis, a zine published by MAPS, presents a critical history of mass incarceration in the Rustbelt.

The Fire Inside, a zine published by the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, reflects on the theory and strategy of the 2016 nationwide prisoner-led strike.

Please consider starting a reading group that also corresponds with imprisoned people.