Edward Walton, Edward Combs, and Eric Woods, three prisoners in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, together spoke out about bad living and labor conditions, racist treatment by staff, and a sham grievance process at Chippewa Correctional Facility. Now, all three are facing repression, particularly Edward Walton (pictured in the illustration) who has been placed in solitary confinement simply for speaking out.
This is not an isolated event; over the last couple years, we have received dozens of accounts of abusive and inhumane treatment, covered up by a staff culture of nepotism and secrecy, at this particularly awful facility. The prison administration doesn’t want the public to know about their retaliation against prisoners who assert their dignity. Show your support by making some phone calls and letting them know you are paying attention!


**all day Tuesday, February 25**

1. Call MDOC Director Heidi Washington at 517-335-1426.
2. Call Chippewa Prison Warden Connie Horton at 906 495 2275, then use extension 1112172000
Hack: Dial *67 before the number you are calling to block caller ID.


I’m calling to object to the retaliation being faced by Edward Walton, #517281, at Chippewa Correctional Facility, who has been thrown in solitary confinement as punishment for trying to voice legitimate complaints about conditions of the facility, labor, unfair treatment by staff, and no meaningful recourse for grievances. I’m demanding that he be returned to level 2 general population immediately.
I want to express support for him and for Edward Combs, #285318 and Eric Woods 342158, who have all been working to bring these complaints to light. The administration at Chippewa needs to stop retaliating against these three and actually address their complaints. The sham “investigation” into their complaints completed by officials at another prison is naïve and insufficient. Everyone knows Chippewa is a pit of nepotism and corruption with no due grievance process for inmates. We refuse to accept the retaliation against these three prisoners for trying to make a positive change.

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