250-plus people were transferred in retaliation for the strike and protest at Kinross Correctional Facility in northern Michigan in September 2016 [1]. A reported 20 to 30 remain in maximum security (level V) despite being approved for transfer to lower levels over seven months ago. The official reason given for the delay is lack of bed space
in lower levels — but bed space is not a legitimate reason to keep people for the better part of a year in maximum security. We know these measures are simply punitive. Level V is only slightly more livable than solitary confinement. Truth be told — people on this security level spend 23 hours a day in isolation. Their movement and communication are
limited, they are barred from access to programming, and they can have only non-contact (no physical touch) visits with family.

When we have acted collectively [2] to support those in prison facing the state’s repression we have made an important difference to those in struggle. Let’s make one (hopefully) final push in solidarity with those still facing consequences from the last nationwide prison strike.

On Tuesday, June 5, please call MDOC’s Director, Heidi Washington, and Warden Daniel Lesatz of Baraga Max correctional facility.

Sample script:

“Hi. I’m calling about the remaining 20 to 30 people in Level V at Baraga Max who were approved for transfer at least seven months ago. They’re there in retaliation for the Kinross protest that happened nearly two years ago. Lack of bed space shouldn’t be a reason to keep dozens of people in maximum security. At this point it’s obvious to the
public that this is a gross punitive measure. Lansing and Baraga need to find a solution to this problem immediately.”

MDOC Director Heidi Washington:

(517) 241-7238 (if there’s no answer, leave a message)

Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility Warden Daniel Lesatz

(906) 353-7070 (when you get to the full phone menu, choose the “administration” option to reach the warden’s office)

Remember you are not required to give out your government name or phone number, or to name any groups, to make a complaint.

Family members and friends of prisoners, and others, are encouraged to contact MAPS (Michigan Abolition and Prisoner Solidarity) [3] to connect and learn more.

Kinross analysis and coverage [4]

[3] https://michiganabolition.org/#post-23
[4] https://michiganabolition.org/

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