Opening Statement – Winter 2018 (PDF)

Click the link to download PDF

The Opening Statement is a free quarterly newsletter that features articles written by those currently imprisoned by the state of Michigan. We publish poetry, political writing and opinion pieces, as well as other relevant pieces by non-incarcerate authors. We include author names (legal name in parenthesis, required for prisoner mail) and MDOC numbers below to encourage writing to folks whose pieces inspire you. Check out the Pen Pal page for tips on writing to someone inside.

Articles and Authors listed below:

Transforming Our Pain Into Power: The Key to Abolishing Modern Day Slavery by Randal LeFevre #289197
A Program of Neocolonialism is Taking Place in America Today by Wilfred Fanon
New Mail Policy in Michigan Prisons: Billionaires Profit at the Expense of Prisoners, Their Families and Friends, and the US Postal Service by Rand W. Gould with Charles Edward Atiba Bomoni Payton
Death of an Anthem by Moe-Moe “The Coldest”

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