Opening Statement – Fall 2017 (PDF)

Click the link to download PDF

The Opening Statement is a free quarterly newsletter that features articles written by those currently imprisoned by the state of Michigan. We publish poetry, political writing and opinion pieces, as well as other relevant pieces by non-incarcerate authors. We include author names (legal name in parenthesis, required for prisoner mail) and MDOC numbers below to encourage writing to folks whose pieces inspire you. Check out the Pen Pal page for tips on writing to someone inside.

Articles and Authors listed below:

The “Howl” of Justice by Rand W. Gould #187131
Untitled by Eugene Marr #703339
What Independence Mean to Me by MoeMoe (The Coldest)
To Feed or Not to Feed by Shannon Shivhan Roden (Sean Roden) #222315
Common Sense by Al Button #099366
Equation: Prison = Slavery = Prison by Baba Lowe’ Eba Logun
Interview of Lashaun Creighton by The Opening Statement

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